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The Atea Azure Expert Center is your Single-Point-of-Contact for all your Microsoft Azure needs – from design over consultancy and moving workloads to Azure and finally on to Managed Azure Services.It is not easy to combine the different pieces of the puzzle and end up with a modern infrastructure that fully supports your business needs. Is your team ready? We have been working with Azure since 2008. And yes, we have hit those pitfalls during the years. You can benefit from it by leveraging the Atea Azure Expert Center.


Inspire – Rethink Workshop

Kick-start your journey towards a new future by attending INSPIRE-RETHINK Azure workshop or learn how to run this workshop for your customers.The two-day workshop will take place in our DevOps Center in Riga, Latvia. Here we also have placed the Atea Azure Expert Center. During those two days we will not only INSPIRE you, but also together with you RETHINK your infrastructure and applications and thus give you the insight into how you can reap the benefits of the currently 50+ services available in Microsoft Azure.

Our main focus is to deliver business solutions today that truly meet the needs of customer business tomorrow: our workshops are one way that we start to do this.

This is where we get to know and understand customers business – through our extensive sector and solution knowledge, as well as, through in-depth analysis of your specific challenges and needs. Collaboration is key, enabling us to design an innovative approach to meet these needs. It also allows us to develop a roadmap to ensure we’re able to help business transform, increase efficiency and grow.

Managed Azure Services

With our Managed Azure Services we ensure not only that all deployed workloads in Azure run as smooth as possible, but also that our customers achieved the best possible benefits. We support you and your customers with a variety of consistent and enterprise-ready Azure Managed Services. By improving the ongoing availability, cost structures and performance  we ensure that you accelerate your customers business success.

ATEA Azure Expert Center is working with three types of Managed Azure Services. Depending on your situation and requirements you will always be able to find a ATEA Managed Azure Service in our categories that fit your needs. Ranging from guided over frontline to platform operations we gradually increase the level of responsibility and management ATEA is taking on your behalf. You choose what and how much.

Guided Operations

You want something beyond the scope of the Microsoft Azure technical support, but do not need ATEA to manage the environment on your behalf. You want assistance, guidance and expertise while you manage the environment yourself. Examples are our ‘Microsoft Cloud Services Support’ and our Azure Consultancy services.

Frontline Operations

You want Atea to handle frontline operations (monitoring, responding to alerts, incident management and problem management, including collaborating on root cause analysis). You also want Atea to assist you with other routine operational tasks, such as configuring the cloud provider’s services and managing the OS on virtual machines (VMs). Examples are our ‘EMS Management and Support’ and ‘Azure Tenant Management’ services.

Platform Operations

You don’t want to manage anything, except your own content and application code. You would like Atea to take care of operating the environment to as great an extent as possible. A good example is our new Azure RemoteApp Management service.

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ATEAs Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Alerting Service provides monitoring setup and alert configuration for workloads deployed to Microsoft Azure – any workload.

During the setup phase performance baseline information for deployed workloads will be collected to establish performance metrics for normal operations. Alerting for the deployed workloads will be configured – in case the performance metrics exceed values recommended by ATEA.

Based on information collected over the course of ongoing monitoring activities, recommendations on performance and cost optimization, as well as metric monitoring optimization will be made available by ATEA. Reports about alerts will be prepared and sent on agreed intervals together with recommendations on resource costs and performance optimizations.


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ATEAs Azure Operations Service provides full management support for resources that are planned or are already deployed in Microsoft Azure. Upon request, ATEA will perform administrative activities and IMACDs (Install, Move, Add, Change, Delete) on the Azure services and objects in scope of operations.

As Microsoft Azure environment possibilities and business needs evolve over time, it is important to optimize the Microsoft Azure environment and the services delivered through it. ATEA will as part of the Microsoft Azure Operations service suggest and implement continual service improvement initiatives based on end-user reports and technical analysis.


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Azure StorSimple addresses massive data growth, empowering customers to take advantage of economical cloud storage for inactive data, while keeping mission-critical data on-premises for the highest levels of performance. The Azure StorSimple and File Server Operations service from  ATEA ensures that day-to-day operations of Azure StorSimple devices and File Servers that utilize Azure StorSimple are performed according to established best practices. The service provides customers with the ability to outsource daily operational tasks for Azure StorSimple devices and File Servers to the ATEA Azure Expert Center.

StorSimple Operations

  • Device network configuration operations
  • Device controller management
  • Device access control management
  • Operations on Azure storage accounts
  • Operations on volume containers & volumes
  • Backup and restore operations
  • Bandwidth template configurations
  • Device update management
  • Device troubleshooting operations
File Server Data Operations

  • StorSimple device usage enablement
  • File Server installation and configuration
  • Volume operations
  • Network share operations
  • Access permission configuration operations
  • Update operations
  • Antivirus operations
  • Backup and restore operations
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Azure StorSimple addresses massive data growth, empowering customers to take advantage of economical cloud storage for inactive data, while keeping mission-critical data on-premises for the highest levels of performance.

ATEA Azure StorSimple Monitoring service ensures that device owners are notified about events that require immediate attention. The notification happens together with the correct steps how to mitigate the potentially disruptive problems before they cause service interruptions or even data losses. The Azure StorSimple Monitoring service provides monitoring of device alerts and noteworthy operational events. Furthermore, the service provides alert configuration and monitoring for the storage accounts used by Azure StorSimple devices.

Alert Monitoring

  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Cluster
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hardware
  • Job Failure
  • Locally Pinned Volume
  • Network
  • Performance
  • Security & Update
  • Supported Package
Operational Activity Monitoring

  • I/O performance between ISCSI initiator and StorSimple device
  • I/O performance between StorSimple device and Azure Storage Blob
  • Capacity Utilization for the device
  • Capacity Utilization for the Cloud storage
  • Network throughput for network interfaces
  • Device Performance
  • Device, storage & volume configurations changes
  • Update installations
  • Bandwidth template configuration changes
  • Backup operations
Storage Blob – metric groups

  • Availability
  • Authorization Error Percentage
  • Network Error Percentage
  • Server other Error Percentage
  • Servicer Timeout Error
  • Client Timeout Error
  • Client other Error
  • Average Server Latency
  • End-to-End Latency
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ATEAs Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Management and Support service ensure, that you get the most out of your Microsoft EMS investment. We take care of all the tedious daily management and operational tasks, while you can enjoy a secure and stable end-user platform with properly operated devices. The service comes in 3 variants – Gold, Silver & Bronze – and we have additional services available to further enhance the experience.

Creation & distribution of

  • Certificate profiles, WIFI profiles, VPN profiles & E-mail profiles

Creation & distribution of policies to

  • Manage hardware settings
  • Manage password settings
  • Kiosk Mode settings

Windows PC Management

  • Creation & management of update policies
  • Creation & management of Windows Firewall settings
  • Configuration Intune Endpoint Protection
  • Configuration Remote Assistance
  • Software License Management with MS Intune
Application Management

  • Application, patch & update deployment & management
  • Creating & distribution of compliant and non-compliant application lists
  • Configuration of restrictions for mobile apps with policies
  • Creation of browser management policies

Inventory & Reporting

“How to” questions and troubleshooting

Service request fulfilment, incident resolution & change request implementation

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The Atea Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Management service takes care of everything from implementation over access management and all the way to continuous service improvement, where we from the Atea Azure Expert Center advise you on improvements and changes based on your business needs.

Azure RemoteApp Implementation

Azure RemoteApp collections are an essential component of the Azure RemoteApp service. Both collection types – hybrid and cloud – are fully supported by the Atea RemoteApp Management Service. Atea takes responsibility of gathering all required information about applications that need to be included in the cloud or hybrid collections, design and plan collection strategy and implementation. Hybrid collection setup includes initial application testing and verification with on premise backend systems.

Azure RemoteApp Access Management

Azure RemoteApp user management is delivered with Azure AD group membership management. Atea ensures implementation and management of automated user assignment management and access to published Azure RemoteApp collections.

Management & Update of Azure RemoteApp Collections

Atea RemoteApp Management Service includes RemoteApp collection updates on regular, scheduled basis. Update schedule might differ between Cloud and Hybrid collections, depending on how software updates are handled for the different applications. Coordinate other update and manageability of collections that are controlled with standardized tools and process used in organization.

Azure RemoteApp Reporting

Provide detailed monthly reports on Azure RemoteApp usage.

Management of Desired Configuration

You can define desired configuration baselines. We are responsible for creating monitoring and remediate items to ensure that defined configuration baselines are in effect.

Continuous Service Improvement

As Azure environment possibilities and your business needs evolve, it is important to optimize the Azure environment and services delivered through it for better end-user experience. We will suggest and implement continual service improvement initiatives based on reports and technical analysis.

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Most – if not all – companies are also Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and offer some kind of application and data access to their users. This has throughout the years often been accomplished through complex access to the internal infrastructure and/or with traditional desktop applications. This approach will not work going forward, where disciplines like agility, scalability and multi-tenancy are key. But customers operate solely on that applications because they meet already-existing business process needs. And it’s not uncommon for organizations to alter their business processes to fit the capabilities of packaged applications simply to avoid customizations. With our Cloud Packaging service we move your legacy applications to Azure and ensure both scalability, easy provisioning and multi-tenancy. Microsoft Azure provides a rich Platform-as-a-Service environment to make application migration not only easy but advantageous over on-premises solutions.

We make moving to the Microsoft Azure easy. Whether it’s assessing current systems or understanding how to utilize new cloud capabilities, you can take advantage of the experience and expertise of our Azure Expert Center. Our deep relationship with Microsoft and our long history of supporting Microsoft technologies uniquely positions us to assist you in making the best decisions about the Microsoft Cloud.
Our Azure Expert Center will work with your team to create solutions that make sense, both now and in the future. We can guide you to the best use of Microsoft Cloud services to ensure successful adoption, migration and operation of cloud-based systems.
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Reduction of investment risk

Benefit from rapid learning without fixed staff retention

Save money

Pay only for what you use, like a utility. Scale up at busy times, and wind down at lulls.

Superior solutions

Use the advantage of the availablity of skilled & certified resource pool on Windows Azure

Fast start

Offer your customers solution delivery and a complete managed services offering running on Azure

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